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What is


Sweeter than honey, cool as Ice! …what?!?

Totally Random is a hilarious skit-comedy television series and interactive website for kids 7-11. It is an online entertainment experience where kids can express themselves without limitations or expectations. The proprietary technology that drives the site allows for a safe and reliable experience to explore individual creativity, innovation and imagination while sharing the experience with a larger, social network of kids.

This truly innovative site features a huge library of random elements; supplying kids with raw materials like still images, text, audio and video, to help them build the coolest, craziest digital creations ever imagined. From these original “seeds”, kids can edit the images with our online editor and media library and then pass it on to the Totally Random community. The key to the website is its ability to bring together kids from across the country and around the world as they work on building these digital creations we call SnowBalls.

In the Totally Random world, the journey is truly more important than the destination. We want to take the chaos, the anarchy and the unbridled randomness of the youthful mind and give it the showcase it deserves, all while providing the most unique and fun digital experience on the web.

What will you create?

Join in on the fun at, or to learn more visit

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