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Sheltered is a 4-part documentary series produced for the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network that follows Derek Marsden, an Ojibway carpenter, as he travels the world to learn the ancient home building techniques of the world's Indigenous and traditional cultures. His journey will take him to locations in Africa, Central and South America where he will live and work with people who are managing to maintain their customs and lifestyle.

During his visit he stays in a structure similar to the one he is working on, spending time with a family and seeing how the shelter functions and shapes the lives of its occupants. He joins them at meals, in games and learn about their culture at the same time that he experiences what it’s like to build a home in a completely different way.

As he learns the construction techniques used to build the home, one of the big things he has to get used to - aside from communicating in a foreign language - is the lack of power tools. Whether he’s mixing mud and straw by hand or hoisting stones with ropes and pulleys, we’ll get to see how he adapts to doing things the way the locals do it. In some cases it’s how they’ve been doing it for thousands of years.

Through his exposure to other Indigenous and traditional cultures he will gain insight into how his own people can re-connect to their traditional home building techniques and ultimately their traditional way of life.

Sheltered is an Aboriginal carpenter’s search for the missing links to his past.




Fast Facts

Episodes: 4
Duration: 30 Mins.
Seasons: 1
Location: Africa, South & Central America
Premiered: October 20, 2010
Aired: APTN
Bossy Jossy Productions
Currently: No longer in production



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Silver Winner



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