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Me, My House & I

Me, My House & I with Brigitte Gall follows the trials and tribulations of stand-up comedian, actor, and first-time homeowner Brigitte Gall, as she renovates a turn-of-the-century home in the city.  The house has character to spare but needs plenty of TLC:  Tools, Labour and Cash.  Brigitte's got the tools - she's been collecting them since high school.  She can do the labour since she's got time between gigs.  As for the cash?  Well, as a first-time homeowner things might be a little tight but Brigitte is determined and enterprising.

When it comes to fixing up her home, Brigitte discovers that it's the journey and not the destination that counts.  Although she enjoys the fruits of her labour, she finds the process of discovery and the new skills that she learns along the way most rewarding.  And the viewer learns along with Brigitte, as she takes on challenging projects with a sense of humour and a great deal of enthusiasm.  By watching her, they get the tools, the information and the courage they need to tackle their own household problems.   

Gemini nominated for Best Practical Information Series in 2004, Me, My House & I is the unique story of Brigitte and her relationship with her house. She even has a name for the house:  “Samuel,” after the first owner.  Her passion and dynamic personality captivate viewers.  They root for her when she finishes a particularly challenging task and they empathize when things don't go quite as planned.

Brigitte’s married.  Her husband, David, has a busy career that keeps him out of town and “out of the picture” much of the time - in fact, the viewer never sees David’s face. He’s involved and supportive but the camera can never quite catch a glimpse him.  He’s a big part of Brigitte's life but an enigma for the viewer. 

Each show begins with Brigitte doing a short stand-up routine that reflects the humour that Brigitte finds in everyday life.  This gives viewers a dose of Brigitte's perspective on the world and gets us in the mood for what's to come.

In each episode, Brigitte takes on one major home repair project - a real handywoman special!  With enthusiasm, a little research, and her dog, Torchy, by her side, Brigitte dives in to repair a substandard deck, build a new closet, or update the kitchen.  Brigitte serves up a variety of fun, affordable, and practical household solutions. 

Just like most people, Brigitte sometimes gets sidetracked by life’s little problems. And there are lots of pitfalls and pratfalls along the way.  After all, she doesn’t have all the answers.  Anthony, her local handyman, is only a telephone call away for those times when she really SHOULD call a professional.  In the end, she learns from her mistakes, and finishes each project with a great sense of accomplishment and pride.  

Me, My House & I entertains, engages and informs viewers.  It’s about life as a first-time homeowner… who just happens to be a little bit handy with power tools.

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Fast Facts

Episodes: 52
Duration: 30 Mins.
Seasons: 4
Filmed: 2003-2005
Location: Ottawa, CA
Airing: W Network Canada & Viva
Currently: No longer in production


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