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Broken House Chronicles

Broken House Chronicles is home improvement like you’ve never seen it before.  Framed in a thoroughly contemporary and fast-paced format, this weekly half-hour series currently airing on DIY Network Canada, chronicles the adventures of first-time homeowner George and his roommate and co-host Leigh.  Each half-hour episode reveals a new chapter in the ongoing saga of the Broken House Chronicles. The do-it-yourself duo tackles each home improvement project in their “broken house” with an over abundance of enthusiasm and humour.

Broken House Chronicles is about storytelling. With an emphasis on the hilarious, this Gemini Award winning series revolves around the interaction between the two hosts. The home improvement projects are the raison d’etre for the series, but it is the way these projects are presented that sets Broken House Chronicles apart.  In each do-it-yourself job there is the potential for side-splitting misadventures, and George and Leigh have a genius for not only finding problems, but bringing them to life in a maniacal mix of warmth, sarcasm, insanity, music and endless humour. Viewers may initially tune in for the practical advice expected from a home improvement series, but they will quickly become personally invested in the ongoing saga of George and Leigh’s crazy adventures.

Broken House Chronicles is not a show about experts. It’s not that Broken House Chronicles has anything against experts.  It’s just that George and Leigh are not experts.  The reality of do-it-yourself projects including mistakes, miscalculations, and the inevitable screw-ups, are all part of the show. Not only will this form the basis for much of the humour and freshness of each show, but the ‘what went wrong’ will prove to be as informative and helpful to the viewer as the ‘how to do it right’.

Broken House Chronicles has a distinct format that is fresh, ultra-contemporary, and completely engaging. Each home improvement project is combined with a kaleidoscope of fast paced and highly entertaining segues, interludes, and general craziness. Picture frequent musical numbers by the “Broken House - House Band,” (featuring tunes such as “Everybody Must Lay Stones” and the ballad “Love Your House”) and zany field trips where George and Leigh descend upon unsuspecting clerks at building supply centres.

Broken House Chronicles is about entertainment. It simultaneously satirizes and celebrates the mainstream home improvement culture, while reveling in the joys and absurdities of do-it-yourself.  With genuine warmth, hilarity, and foolishness, Broken House Chronicles puts a different spin on conventional home improvement television. 

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Fast Facts

Episodes: 32
Duration: 30 Mins.
Seasons: 3
Filmed: 2001-2003
Location: Ottawa, CA

HGTV Canada, DIY Network Canada

Currently: No longer in production


George Brook

Co-Host & Homeowner

Leigh Uttley

Co-Host & Roommate

Ryley Alp

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