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Be Real

Be Real is the TV show that spontaneously turns regular people's ordinary lives into their very own reality TV show and it all happens in the spur of the moment. There's no script, no pre-production, not even a story idea. We choose a random person to star in their own life for a day just their ordinary life in front of a camera of course!

If anyone knows what it takes to get on TV, it JR Digs. He s spent years and his own hard earned cash to create his own television show. Now he's on a new mission - in cities and towns right across the country - to make TV a reality for someone else (even if they weren't exactly looking for the opportunity). And if his reality star needs a little image boost, a subtle make-over or even a new boyfriend to make their TV show sell, JR makes it happen.

How will the star react to being told to give me more or play it more subtly while they are trying to Be Real in their own day? It's a bizarre mix of real life, TV life, and just plain strange life. The lines are completely blurred between reality and reality TV and the viewer gets to be a voyeur to it all.

In the end, after the camera has stopped rolling and the story has been told, we find out from our star how they felt about their Be Real experience. Did they feel that they were real enough? How do they rate their performance? What would they do differently in their day? Did they feel they got enough out of their director? Of course, the biggest question that the show will answer is how people react when they have a camera thrust into their lives for a day. Because it's one thing to imagine starring in a reality TV show it's quite another to have it really happen!

Be Real is the TV show that makes something out of seemingly nothing and turns it into one great half-hour of drama and laughter. It is the ultimate in Reality TV nothing planned, nothing scripted just a regular person, a director to guide them, and the day that lies ahead.

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Fast Facts

Episodes: 13
Duration: 30 Mins.
Seasons: 1
Filmed: 2006
Location: All over Ontario!
Airing: TVtropolis
Currently: No longer in production


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